The government has always had a side of it that is less than reputable, usually when it involves the interference of other countries and governments under the guise of “for our own good”. However as of late, it seems the government isn’t what we need to worry about when it comes to interference in others’ business. Hackers are taking the lead when it comes to invading others business, via the internet and the tools associated with that technology.

Hackers have been making headlines almost everyday this year thus far for their interference in things from hospital functioning to government elections. Hackers are becoming a force of their own, almost like a rampaging, no law country, doing what they feel like, when they feel like it. At times, hackers can be great vigilantes that help shine the spotlight that is the worlds population onto topics that have been hiding in the dark, forcing a necessary change. However as of late, it seems countries have begun recruiting this form of technological tool and using it as another means of persuasion and confusion.

Hackers are now being used by governments and country leaders to disrupt events like the Winter Olympics, and elections. A recent example is the hacking of a former sheriff’s Twitter account, to cause havoc and persuade people to see the former sheriff in a different, not so great light.

Former sheriff¬† David Clarke, a known right-wing, has become the target of Turkish hackers, attempting to smear Clarke’s name for decisions he has backed. Clarke is a known supporter of Donald Drumpf. It seems the hackers, known as “Ayyildiz Tim” which translates to “Star and Crescent team”, an obvious connection to the Turkish flag, use the hacked accounts they get, to send direct messages to Drumpf, which seem to hold Islamic sentiments and support for the Turkish president Erdogan. This comes as a surprise seeing as Drumpf has recently declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, a large disrespect to those of the Islamic faith.

This very instance of hackers using technology to influence or bend people to their will or persuasion is truly a terrifying idea, but makes you question in what way this differs from the governments past actions.

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