January 13th, all was right, until a sneaky little hacker came crawling in the night. To steal and plunder, wallets oh wonder, riches they desire watch them set fire. So basically, hackers have stolen crypto wallets from the Stellar Lumen currency.

Thus far there has been no claim as to who has stolen the wallets of Lumen crypto users, but we do know how they got access. The hacker or hackers, hijacked the DNS server for a web-based wallet application known as BlackWallet.co. Once inside, the malicious force redirected the activity from BlackWallet to their own server. Through this endeavour they have claimed about $400,000 from those who stored XLM coins in their wallets.

A security researcher analyzed the code of the site before BlackWallet regained control, and found that the DNS hijack would move the wallets that had 20 or more Lumens towards the hackers server, efficiently racking up Lumens to cash out on. Apparently the BlackWallet team and other XLM owners had attempted to inform the community that the server had been hacked using social media sites, but to no avail. People still logged into their accounts and watched as their money disappeared like magic. An estimated 669,920 Lumens were stolen.

BlackWallet has posted the address of the hackers wallet online to keep track of it. The hackers have attempted to exchange their coins for a different currency to hide their tracks. The hackers are using the Bittrex currency exchange to do so, and BlackWallet is attempting to get into contact with Bittrex in order to stop the specified account and return the specific funds back to the related accounts.

Thus far, there is no new news as to the transpiring events.

I’ve said it before, and will say it again, cryptocurrency is a risky business. Be careful what you invest into and be sure to watch for any relating news to it!


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