I know you are all tired of seeing the word “hacker” everywhere. But to be honest, i’m certain it will only become more relevant as we move forward. Due to hackers playing such a prominent role in the modern world, our constant efforts to fight hackers and the ransomware and malware they bring forth will for the foreseeable future be a relevant topic.

This is where the wonderful news comes into play.  A program involved in the pursuit of technological advancements and it’s uses for human safety has taken the initiative in pursuing hackers before they can attack. The latest project from Alphabet’s X moonshot program has started a venture called “Chronicle”. Chronicle is tasked with locating hackers at a speed faster than any human currently can.

Alphabet is the parent company of Google, and stated on Wednesday that Chronicle would branch off and become it’s own company, and finding hackers, it’s main objective. The Chronicle company will develop hacker locating tools and machine learning tools to enhance the locating programs, to increase hacker localization.

Now I know what your thinking “There are plenty of cybersecurity firms already out there, so how is this any different?”. Well, Chronicle claims it may have an advantage above the currently live cybersecurity firms. The head of the Chronicle initiative stated, that by giving organizations a higher resolution of their security situation with the combination of machine learning, large amounts of computing power and storage, they believe they will be able to root out the false alarms that arise in cybersecurity due to the overwhelming amount of data. By preventing these false alarms, and being able to sift through the data of a network at a faster rate, they will be able to identify vulnerabilities and provide stronger security, that may be able to locate hackers before they have a chance to even attempt a deep hack.

This news is very exciting to an optimist like myself. Seeing news on a group that is fighting back against the online terrors and possibly providing a solution to smaller organizations and homes would be a fantastic accomplishment! Can you imagine a day when “hackers” become a term of the past and malicious malware activity becomes extinct? Ok maybe that is too optimistic. Anyway, in the meantime, we need to stay vigilant and on top of our networks! We at Re2tech have the luxuries of a small business, but the experience and work ethic of the bigger businesses! Give us a call today and let’s make I.T. happen!

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