After the recent announcement that Equifax had been the victim of a hacking, there has been scrutiny towards the company. Millions of people had their SSN breached and other personal information stolen.

From an on looking perspective it seemed like things couldn’t get worse for Equifax, but it seems that was wrong.

Once again Equifax has found itself a victim of security breach. This breach involved the loss of thousands of customers national identity numbers. The difference in this breach is that it took part in Argentina, and the means by which they were hacked, are rather ridiculous.

As it seems, Equifax had their username and password of the Argentina branch, the same one word, Admin. This is a well known setup username and password across the world. Something new gets set up in a network and the default username and password is admin.

The important matter to take away from this event would be the lack of security that their password offered. As mentioned in a past post, passwords are a vital importance in our cyber defense, and the format of passwords is important. It used to be the norm that a password would be strongest as a jumble of letters, numbers and special characters, however its been recently studied that passwords that consist of four word phrases have a much stronger defense, being a much bigger hassle to crack.

A good example of a strong password could be as follows:

“Penguin Passage Blockus Printer”

This password format has a higher entropy count that increases the difficulty for password cracking programs exponentially.

Dont wait until your in the same position as Equifax, ensure your password strength is up to par and protect that which is important to you and your customers!

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Safe surfing everyone!