Websites That Won't Let You Go "Back"

The internet may be full of wondrous places and things to see, but there are also some things that can be rather pesky and frustrating, something we have all most certainly come across on our interweb adventures, the websites that won’t let us go “back”. There are websites that restrict user movement when they arrive on a page by putting a form of limiter on the “back” button, seemingly trapping users on a page. However, Google Chrome has had enough and plans to implement a solution to those infuriating sites. 

The ability to hold a user on a single webpage despite hitting the “back” button is being coined “history manipulation” and the only way to currently leave those kinds of websites is by hitting the “back” button repeatedly or closing the browser, both of which are rather annoying, just to resume your previous location. Google Chrome has had this manipulation of web pages on their radar for a few years now, developing a way to break the system and allow users to treat the web pages like any other normal web page. 

History Manipulation

This tactic works due to a rather malicious action by the website, which is by inserting ads into the tab history of your web browser, causing the inevitable “back” button smashing to occur. 

As a solution Google has started to implement a manner in which Chrome will be able to decipher between real web browsing history or fake, and will silently flag the page and run an analysis, helping to ultimately remove these pages from search entries entirely. 

Currently there are possible problems and unknown occurrences with the new capability so it is not out for use yet, however when it is released you will notice a little flag and the heavy wording of  “#enable-skip-redirecting-entries-on-back-forward-ui”, quite the mouth full. However once this function is enabled and up and running, it will allow you to fully skip every false page that is inserted into your history, resulting in the usual single click to resume on a previous web page. 

What do you think about this Chrome addition coming in the future? Will you be happy that you will no longer feel trapped on a page? Or were you a fan of the “back” button smashing game? Give us a call and let us know! 

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