Google cloud has recently acquired the company known as “Bitium”, a company which gives a focus on enterprise grade identity management and access tools.

These tools can be used for single-sign on, for applications based on the cloud. This newly acquired company will help Google better manage enterprise cloud customer implementation across and organization. This will include several functionality aspects such as security levels and access policies across applications and devices.

The main purpose of Bitium is offering single-stop solution for the management of Google apps, Office 365, social networks, CRM, and collaboration and marketing tools, along with this, the ensurance of security standards.

Google is planning to continue what Bitium was working on, however in its own way, and extend to additional application partners. Plans are in the process to keep it as an open platform for third-party identity management providers that integrate with enterprise customers on the one side, and Google Cloud and G Suite on the other.

This could spell some new options for businesses and their integration with cloud technology and identity management!

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