Breaches in security through credit cards are becoming something of a more relevant issue with each passing day. Credit skimmers have been found more and more at gas pumps among other locations, swiping your credit card information, allowing the owner of the skimmers to gain access to your funds if your unaware.

Main reasons skimmers are becoming more common:

There is an free application that has been developed to help detect and alert someone of nearby skimmers. The application is called ‘Skimmer Scanner’ and scans nearby bluetooth signals for the “HC-05” title and checks its purpose. If the app finds a possible skimmer it will alert you, thats it, there will be no notification to any authorities, so be sure to let them know if you find one! The application is also opensource and available for Android, the link is here.

Skimmers are essentially man in the middle attacks. It takes upwards of about 30 seconds reportedly for someone to install this skimmer, combine this with ease of creation and that spells trouble for everyone!

Be on the look out for any curious bluetooth signals that fit the description and be sure to use the skimmer scanner app to help defend yourself! Dont become a victim!

After you’ve downloaded the app, why not give us a call and ask us about the other services we provide in terms of cyber security!