Hello all! We hope everyone had a nice relaxing holiday before the new year was rang in! Unfortunately during the holiday rest, someone got a little too relaxed. The known clothing company “Forever 21” was a victim of another security breach for the 2017 year.

The popular clothing store had apparently been hit with malware at some of their store locations, causing customers who paid with credit card in store, to have their information exposed to those hackers who installed the malware.

The company has made a statement addressing the issue, and reminding customers to constantly keep track of their card purchases and report any suspicious charges as soon as they see something to mitigate chances of their accounts being drained.

From the investigations findings, it was reported that the malware was installed and activated somewhere between April 3rd and Nov. 18th of 2017. There has been no number confirmation as of yet on the amount of people affected by this breach. It was noted that those who paid with card over Forever 21’s website are not affected, for the malware did not have any grasp on those lines of payment.

Forever 21 has a phone number to call that will answer questions about the breach.

Forever 21’s security breach hotline:

1-855-560-4992 Monday through Friday  between 8a.m. to 6p.m. P.S.T.

There we have it, another last security breach for 2017 before the new year could ring in. Hopefully this will be the last attack that will be revealed involving the 2017 year, for there have already been far too many!

Stay vigilant and informed, and as always if you need any IT help whether it be questions or installations, be sure to contact us and we will see that your network becomes secure and your insecurities are no more!