We at Re2tech make sure to keep our eyes on the radar for any possible security or reliability issues that can arise with technology on a daily basis that may affect you and your business. Recently we had a ping that was unexpected.

August 8th was the release of a bunk over-the-air firmware update for smart locks manufacturer’s LockState RemoteLock 6i (also known as 6000i).

This firmware update for the 6000i would cause hundreds of people to be locked out of their homes/businesses/Airbnb. The update ended up bricking the device’s smart code access mode, due to losing connection to the vendors servers. While physical keys continued to work, Airbnb hosts had multiple calls from incoming home goers who cant get in. The estimated time for fix’s would be announced at 14-18 days, and that was for replacements. All the locks affected by the update had to be sent back and replaced.

Its important to keep up to date on your technology and their operating status to be able to react as fast as possible and minimize possible reputation/business damage.

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