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Shared and Resource Mailbox

On June 21st the Microsoft Exchange Team had announced on their blog that they will be “correcting” the way their newly created shared and resource mailboxes would function, also properly fixing the currently existing mailboxes as well.

From 100GB to 50GB

When Microsoft says “fixing” they are referring to a problem that has been going on for a while now but had not been given any attention. What they said, is that when users created shared and resource mailboxes, under their documentation, the mailboxes that were created should only have been 50GB. However it was noticed that for many users, instead of the 50GB boxes, they were granted 100GB boxes by accident. If users wanted access to the 100GB boxes, they were supposed to have had to gain access through a license.

Despite Microsoft’s documentation stating this, their system would automatically assign the larger storage capacity, so now they are addressing this problem and correcting it so that newly created shared and resource mailboxes will be 50GB unless a license is acquired for the 100GB box.

When will this correction take effect?

As stated by the Microsoft Exchange Team, near the end of July these corrections will take effect. If you require more capacity than 50GB you can acquire the Exchange Online Plan 2 and it will quickly reassign your mailbox to 100GB of space.


Microsoft has posted a FAQ for the many questions that are undoubtedly racing through your mind that may involve unique circumstances and the like. Click on this link and you will be take to the FAQ that was posted so you can better understand where you sit once this correction comes into effect.

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