Propublica and Gizmodo reported that based on their most recent investigation the private club President Trump owns has extremely lax cybersecurity. He calls it the southern white house. Trump has used the resort to meet with staff and foreign heads of state on official buisness.

In February, Trump took a call about a ballistic missile launch from North Korea in the dining room with members and wait staff in attendance. Also in April he tracked the first attack ordered on Syria from a make shift situation room at Mar-a-lago.

Security holes found include : a wifi enabled printer that could be accessed publicly, a misconfigured router that was not encrypted,  use of outdated WEP encryption on three of the clubs wireless networks, making it easily hackable, and a database with an insecure login page on the website in which is not protected by standard web encryption.

Also Mar-a-lago guests only have to show a photo ID when they enter the facilities main door, and the club even serves as a venue for public events.

Mar-a-Lago guests only have to produce a photo ID when they enter through the facility’s main door. Also, the club serves as a venue for ticketed public events.

There is quite a few pretty serious security holes. Wouldn’t you think if a place was holding meetings that are usually done in the white house, should have the same sort of security?