Take a Chance with technology

This past December , Chance the Rapper, the Chicago based Rapper known for his dedication to the younger generations and their success, made a visit to some unsuspecting youth.

The famous rapper made a visit to Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Acadamy with a goal in mind. Chance wanted to express the possibilities technology held for the younger generations and how learning coding and other forms of technical skills will be invaluable to achieving ones future.

Chance walked into a room full of 5th graders working diligently on their coding skills. As soon as Chance made his appearance the classroom boomed into awe’s, screams and tears. Chance has made it a point that coding has been a way for him to get into the industry and that the upcoming generations should also take advantage of the opportunities before them.

Chance stated that showing up, and actualizing yourself and ideas for people can be life changing, and that he hopes that showing up to this class will inspire the 5th graders to achieve what Chance has achieved, and more. Apparently Kanye west had visited Chance’s school when he was younger and that this event had a profound effect on chance and his ambitions.

During Chance’s visit to the Adam Clayton Powell Paideia Acadamy, Google announced a $1.5 million donation to Chicago Public Schools and SocialWorks which would be used for computer science education across the Chicago Public Schools.

Google.org’s principal Justin Steele was helping to direct the efforts and stated that it was exciting to see so many people interested in coding. That coding will not only provide the students with the ability to create content but also the platform and the tech involved.

It is truly amazing what can occur when the people pool their efforts and direct their passion.


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