A follow up to the recent article about the hacking of the popular CCleaner software, it seems there was more damage than initially believed.

According to Cisco systems, after research was conducted, it became apparent that the breach was far more serious than initially described by Periform.

Despite more than 2 million people being affected, Avast claimed there was no reason to worry, however it seems despite the malware that infected peoples devices, the hackers had an alternative plan. A control server seized by the U.S. law enforcement showed that the hackers had installed malicious software on a selected group of at least 20 machines.

It is not certain which companies housed the affected machines, however the data shows that the hackers had gone after networks at major tech companies. This list includes big hitters like Samsung, Sony, Akamai, and Cisco itself.

There is speculation that the hackers used their new foothold to steal tech secrets from the large companies. Another speculation that has instilled fear, is the hackers could have been looking to get malicious codes inside of the companies’ products, to have a larger affect across the globe, seeing as how these companies have high-value targets in governments and businesses around the world.

Troubling as it may be, this is a great example of the importance that is, having a watchful eye all across your network, and a strong security measure in place.

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