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IBM is diving into quantum computing

Since last year, IBM has been offering quantum computing as a cloud service. The first version released was a 5 qubit version, however today the company announced a 20 qubit version. In just 18 months IBM achieved such a large leap, this may spell a unique direction for the future of technology.

IBM’s next prototype is a 50 qubit version, thus far however it is uncertain when this will become commercially available.

The early versions of quantum computing cloud service by IBM were made free to build a community of users, while educating them on the technology and help integrate this new form of technology to everyone. The release of the 20 qubit is the first commercial offering announcement. The 20 qubit version will be available by the end of the year!

So what is quantum computing? Normally, computers run on a system of one’s and zero’s, and perform in an on/off state. Quantum computing is much more fluid, and can live in multiple states. This different form of functioning can easily give rise to new forms of functionalities and and software.

The IBM research team says that the increased qubits is only part of the story. They stated that the more qubits there are, the more complex the interactions become due to how they interact with each other and a process called entanglement. Entanglement  is an error that occurs at higher qubit values, so for example a 5 qubit setup has a low entanglement occurence in comparison to a 20 qubit version. IBM has figured out how to actually reverse that in a way, by making the 20 qubit version have an error occurrence as low as if not lower than the 5 qubit version. This allows IBM to solve more problems faster, propelling themselves further and faster.

Another challenge when working with qubit and quantum computing is that the quantum state has a short life span before reverting to the standard one and zero’s computing state. This regression is a process that arrives after ‘coherence’ expires. Basically it means there is a short period of quantum functionality before the quantum drops and basic computing is reapplied.

These challenges make it difficult for programmers to build any kind of quantum algorithm because the software doesn’t last long enough for it to work anything out. This has created a very ambitious challenge for the research team.  Their goal is to create a quantum computing system that is self fixing, correcting any errors that occurs within itself and has unlimited coherence, never reverting back to standard computing performance.

Quantum computing can replace all services that involve computing and technology we use today, be it in hospitals, colleges, government, you name it! IBM wont stop progressing along the long drawn stepping stones until quantum computing reaches the state of perfection and total coherence. 

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Android security update! KRACK be gone and band-aid adhesion!

Android deployed its recent patch for their phones. This patch holds significant updates, that involve KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack) and also some fixes for the newly released Pixel 2 phones!

Surprisingly, Google actually released three updates for November. There is the main update that involves the normal bug fixes and performance updates. The second patch is in relation to the Qualcomm bug that left users vulnerable to Wi-Fi breaches.

The Qualcomm bug comes second to the Krack update. Earlier this year a weakness was found in the WPA2 Protocol that put thousands of people in a vulnerable position, allowing them to be hacked through most all Wi-Fi points. Krack is all about that new vulnerability in the WPA2, those most vulnerable however would be the Linux and Android 6.0+ devices, this is because their system can be tricked into installing an all-zero encryption key.

The 2017-11-06 patch that addresses KRACK issues affects versions ranging from Android 8.0 Oreo and all the way back to 5.0.2 Lollipop. As for Google’s Pixel and Nexus, the patches thus far released are only up to 2017-11-05, so the KRACK update has not hit those customers yet, but it is presumed they will receive the 2017-11-06 update sometime closer to December.

Along with bug fixes and security reinforcement, Google is now adding functional updates in the mix. When the Google Pixel was released, the XL variation received a lot of criticism due to the screen brightness and burn of the battery that occurred passively. To help diminish these concerns, Google updated the phone with new functionalities. The first would be a new dimming navigation bar, that dims the navigation bar when it is not in use, while also changing to white while in some applications. The patch also lowers the max brightness.

Another complaint was the colors of the display were dull. It seems Google anticipated this possibility and had installed a “Vivid color” check box in the settings menu. However this saturation wasn’t enough for some customers so Google released a new “colors” option that gives three options for saturation, ranging from natural, to saturated, to boosted. Supposedly there have been reports of clicking noises while on the phone with the Pixel, but Google states the November patch fixes that as well.

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What is Cloud technololgy?

Most often, when someone mentions the ‘cloud’, there is often someone who is too embarrassed to ask ‘what’ the cloud is.

Cloud technology has taken the world by storm (no pun intended) in most all areas these days, the cloud is involved in the information storage/management. Businesses to college campus’ to home networks.

So what is the cloud?

The cloud refers to technology that runs software and services on the internet, rather than locally, on your computer. Most all cloud services are accessed through hosting websites, like Firefox or Google Chrome, however there are some companies that offer mobile apps dedicated to cloud functionality as well.

Well known examples of cloud technology would be Google Drive, the application that people often use for image storage, or documents as well. There is also Apple iCloud, Netflix, Yahoo Mail, and Dropbox.

Why the cloud?

The pro’s of cloud technology are often seen through the ability to access your information on any device with an internet connection. For example say your in India on a business venture and you need to pull up some documents you saved on the cloud while back in Chicago. Just connect to an internet source and you’ll be able to access the same location you saved your documents to! You can even edit the files in India and see the changes back in Chicago! Not only that, but you can allow others to have access to the documents, and they can add or subtract information as well, from all across the globe!

Another nice benefit, is due to the cloud servers doing most all the computing and storage, it means your computer doesn’t need to be a high-end machine! Google actually the Chromebook specifically for that reason. It gives accessibility to a wider range of people with multiple different situations, to be able to accomplish the same form of information sharing/storage.

The cloud is awesome!

Correct! However you must still be aware, that without an internet connection, your completely shut out from all of your information stored onto the cloud. This can become a problem for some people. It’s also important to note, that the cloud could become prone to hacking. If the companies security measures are not strong enough against an outside access, your information may be at risk.

It is wise not to put everything onto the cloud and make a habit of storing the vital/sensitive information on your personal drive with a strong network security (which we can help you with!) so that your information security isn’t in the hands of others.

Give us a call at Re2tech today and we can help you set up a cloud storage option, and bulk up your network security! We make I.T. happen! 

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Ultrafast 5G broadband on the horizon!

Just recently, researchers at IMDEA Networks in collaboration with 18 partner organizations, have developed a new technology for mobile radio access that goes with mm-wave (Millimeter-wave) frequencies. This is a highly promising solution for efficient, high capacity data delivery.

This new system exploits frequencies above 10 GHz. Forms of communication at this level pose new unique challenges, on one side, mm-wave systems reach a higher magnitude order level allowing higher processing of data rates at lowering frequencies. However currently this system experiences a strong variation in channel quality from the high propagation loss as well as unfavorable atmospheric absorption. The new questions that are being asked, is how will these new challenges be overcome while keeping the astounding aspects of this system.

This new mm-wave system is apart of the mmMagic solution radio system concept, that is connected to mobile broadband frequencies. This system targets operation in wide-contiguous bands. If this new system can overcome the arising challenges, the anticipated end-user and traffic demands of networks during the estimated year 2020 time frame could become much less of a worry than earlier thought.

One of the main attractions about this system is its combination of antenna and beamforming technology. The antenna addressing important practical constraints for real deployment such as size, cost and complexity. The validity of the system design has already been under rigorous trials. There has been recording of effectiveness and real channel conditions having success.

This could be the start of the new 5G era, an improved 5G! Lets get excited folks!

While you wait for this new-fangled technology to come to fruition, why not give us a call and see what we can do for you and your technology! We make I.T. happen! 

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Hyper-V! What is it, and do you need it?

Hyper-V, also known as hypervisor, is a form of virtualization technology. Hyper-V is a computer software, firmware or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines. A computer that has Hyper-V is a host computer, and can allow guest operating systems access to virtual operating platforms. Hyper-V allows physical to virtual migrations, private clouds, public clouds, and hybrid clouds!

So whats the big deal? Why do you care about Hyper-V technology?

Lets break it down!

  • Hyper-V can consolidate and run applications onto fewer physical servers.
  • Virtualization enables quick  provisioning and deployment, enhances workload balance and enhances resiliency and availability, due to being able to dynamically move virtual machines from one server to another.
  • Virtual machines work swimmingly with managed cloud server technology.
  • Companies can capitalize on the functionality of Hyper-V technology. I.T. companies (like us!) can become more efficient in their efforts, which helps us, help you!
  • The cloud infrastructure services along with virtual machine technology allows for the optimization of capacity needs. Allocating resources as necessary to the needs in the given moment, rather than a separation of resources, that are on hold for other specific services not currently in need.
  • If workloads vary greatly within your company, virtualization allows an easier management of migration and balance. When expecting a large increase in capacity needs, you just need to contact your cloud provider to allow a higher capacity for the necessary time.
  • One of the best aspects of Hyper-V is that, if maintenance is required, there is no necessary downtime!
  • Of course, when it comes to security, Hyper-V has comprehensive security functions through active directory.

Hyper-V is a strong tool to help manage your network options and connect multiple OS to a single server. The advantages of Hyper-V are becoming more and more known and integrated into most all modern businesses, increasing functionality.

Give us a call today and talk to us about setting up Hyper-V technology for your company and while your at it, inquire about our other services! We make I.T. happen, and were in it for the long haul!


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Can you hear me? Of course you can, your using VoIP!

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and its pretty cool! VoIP is an alternate way of making phone calls. For VoIP you don’t even need a telephone to use its services! An internet connection and computer is all you’ll need!

VoIP is generally used for businesses as a convenient alternative to help enhance functionality as well as efficiency!

So what are the details? As follows!

  • VoIP turns a standard internet connection into a way to place phone calls, allowing you to bypass the difficulties that always follow the phone companies.
  • Added features to enhance communication and interactions between employees and with customers.
  • The system’s efficiency allows greater management possibilities with clients and employees, increasing productivity, which can only help a business!
  • Consolidated voice services into a single broadband connection, depending on the number of users.
  • Can forward all calls to any compatible device. Say you get an urgent call to your office that needs to be addressed while your out on the job, what then? well you messages can be transferred at the same time they are recorded to your cellphone allowing you to receive the message in a timely manner as well as keep your personal phone number private.
  • Non-VoIP users aren’t penalized for contacting VoIP users or vice versa. Since VoIP uses standard telephone numbers and integrates easily with existing set-ups, you can be contacted by anyone anytime through normal means.
  • VoIP offers remote working as well. Leaving the desk/office wont cause you to miss any business opportunities. You and your staff can still connect via mobile device or from home, enabling flexibility!

The merits of VoIP cannot be disputed, it offers a wide range of possibilities and flexibility to ensure you and your staff can keep productivity and efficiency high, whilst also keeping costs low for the service.

Call us at Re2tech today and ask us to install VoIP in your workplace today to start saving time and enhance business performance! We make I.T. happen!

While your at it, inquire about our other services that involve your tech and online security!

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A Company in Oregon could be revolutionizing how we farm

An Oregon startup called DroneSeed is trying to change how we farm. Not only that but could also help with the replanting trees. If the startup gets its way, foresters in the Pacific Northwest might be in for a surprise the next time they are out in the field. Instead of walking into a team of people working to replant trees, they could be bombarded from the skys by a fleet of seed-blasting drones deployed to complete the same task after a harvest is complete.

The company was founded a year ago by Grant Canary and Ryan Mykita. DroneSeed is developing a specialized drone system that is designed to identify potential planting sites and then drop seeds in the selected remote forest locations. When looking over a site, DroneSeed uses a 3D map of the area to identify micro-sites that will provide the best chance of survival and growth for the trees or plants. Then they load the drones up with seeds and send them to these selected locations.

Instead of just dropping the seeds, the drones are equipped with a small cannon that fires the seeds using compressed air. Similar to paintball or a BB gun, the seeds fly out at around 350 feet per second. This quick firing velocity has a huge advantage. Unlike humans who can plant about 800 seeds a day, the DroneSeed drone can plant up to about 800 seeds in just an hour. With a full battery, one of these drones can blanket an acre of forest with seeds in 1.5 hours. DroneSeed believes that their technology is so efficient that it will drastically reduce replanting costs.

Not only are these drones more effective than a human worker, they are also safer to operate and much more affordable than a human crew. Logging operations generally have a hard time keeping workers even when they offer competitive pay. The job is physically demanding and one of the most hazardous jobs in the world. The combined safety and financial benefits are why these drones could be very attractive. A fleet of drones doing some work for you will cost much less then paying a team of workers and without worry of physical hazards.


DroneSeed believes its drones will transform logging much as precision agriculture did with farming. “There is so much parallel with what happened to precision agriculture and what is happening with us in the forestry industry with drones,” said DroneSeed’s CEO Grant Canary to Marketwatch. “We see drones as forestry’s tractor.”

Some serious technology that could do good for the world. Forests are constantly getting destroyed by fires and many other reasons. With drones like this we could really do some good. And for those farmers out there this could be something amazing for you as well. Id imagine something like this could really help save you some time that you could put else where.

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Windows Server 2016: Why it could be great for your business!

Thanks to cloud technology, the rate of change is faster than ever before, putting more pressure on IT. Organizations demand increased security, efficiency, and innovation, and Windows Server 2016 delivers. Windows Server 2016 is the cloud ready operating system that supports your current workloads while introducing new technologies that make it easy to transition to cloud computing when you are ready.


If you have a business and are looking for the best Windows Server option to suit your needs, give us a call today! We have the experience and the knowledge to find the best product for you! We will gladly answer any questions you may have.


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Amplifi – WiFi like you’ve never had before

Drastically improve your WiFi network in your home!

Amplifi by Ubiquiti Networks is a new product that can help improve your in home WiFi network. Amplifi is much different then your average router.

Depending on the size, layout and age of your home, WiFi signals might have trouble reaching every corner in your home. With Amplifi you no longer have to worry about that.

First you have your hub, that acts as your router. With an industrial design, your router is now something that you don’t need to hide anymore. Second is your mesh points. The original product comes with two, but you can add as many as you would like. Mesh points plug into your wall outlets and extends your WiFi signal to the area. This will increase your bandwidth and speed throughout your home.

You can monitor your network from your phone. At the swipe of your finger you can see the speed your network is running, who is on your network and how much bandwidth they are using. If there is ever a problem with your network, your phone will tell you what is wrong.

Overall this is a pretty revolutionary product. If you walk into a room and your signal drops, or maybe you have no signal at all at one location in your house. This product is perfect for you.

Contact us at RE2Tech to get yours setup today!

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