Caribou Coffee Chain Breach

One of the most popular caffeine serving businesses, Caribou Coffee, has become the target and the victim of a data breach to their Point Of Sale (POS) systems in 239 different locations, estimating to about 40 percent of all their stores.

As a result of this breach, there is naturally an outbreak of concern over customer credit card information being stolen. As of right now, it looks like if you or anyone else had used some form of electronic payment at Caribou Coffee between the times of August 28th, 2018, and December 3rd, 2018, you should consider your credit card information compromised and should promptly ask for a replacement, review the credit card charges, and enroll in identity protection programs.

For a list of the affected Caribou Coffee locations, click on the following link: Data Breach Locations

Caribou had stated that they noticed unusual activity last month on November 28th, when their IT staff were alerted about their network via the security monitoring process. Since the unusual activity, they have been working with Mandiant, a cyber-security firm that is specialized in investigating data breaches. After only two days, Mandiant had informed Caribou that they discovered access from unauthorized sources and the access was through the POS system, which in-turn exposed some customer data.

The data that was potentially stolen involves names, card numbers, expiration dates, and CVC codes.

Card payments that were made through the company’s website were not affected due to this payment system being separated from the POS system.

The FBI has been brought on the case, and Caribou Coffee has stated that they are “confident that the breach has been contained”.

Don’t risk your financial security, order a new card and keep a keen eye on your accounts.

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