Businesses beware of IOT devices

IOT devices pose a serious security risk!

These devices are products, other then computers, that connect to the internet. In this day in age it could almost be anything. For example IOT devices could be a fridge, or a Smart TV, or even some children’s toys! While Internet of Things devices may lead to more efficiency in our daily lives, research shows that consumers are exposed to many risks by the use of them. The most serious of the risks is disclosure of private information.


Here are some things to know regarding IOT devices:

  • Your devices can spy on you and your kids 
    -Many IOT device manufacturers show little regard for customer privacy, and some even make money from customer data.-Last year, the Norwegian Consumer Council found that a children’s doll recorded anything said to it by children and sent the recordings to a US company.
  • Many are vulnerable to hacking 
    -The same doll was also found to have a security flaw that allowed strangers to listen and even talk through the doll.
  • Your devices know your weaknesses
    -They have the potential to collect more intimate data about individuals than was possible with previous devices. This data could then be used to create profiles to give incredible insight into consumers, and can even predict their behavior.
    -The technology has gotten so advanced that these devices have the power to guess what mood we are in. This can be used to sell us products at times when our willpower is lowest.
  • The law may not protect you
    -The laws seem to be vary narrow and has significant limitations.

If you are a business especially this should be something you should be worried about. Depending on your business there is a pretty good chance you have plenty of devices in your building or office that are using this technology. That means you could have anyone listening in to your conference calls or business meetings ect. These devices pose huge security risks to you and your business, so you have to be aware!

If you have any questions about how you can improve the security at your business please contact us at Re2tech!