Big Businesses are fighting for your privacy!


Google is currently waging a quiet war against the United States Government. The FBI is tasking out warrants demanding that Google hands over information from Gmail data that is stored overseas. And google stores customer accounts in servers around the globe, so this is a fight that matters for every user who uses gmail.

There is at least six different federal cases with Google right now. In all of them Google claims the government has no right to use the Stored Communications Act to demand the data Google holds overseas.

Microsoft recently won a case in 2016,  in which it prevented the FBI from accessing data that they had stored over in Ireland. With everything currently going on with Google, competitive rivals like Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon, are joining forces to try to change the state of play across America, by bringing more privacy to users who have data stored overseas on foreign soil.

This is extremely important and really great for the fight for privacy. Every day it feels like more and more of the peoples privacy is being taken away. But, this shows that even some of the biggest businesses believe in privacy and are doing what they can to help. These big companies are where the government goes to find out information about the general population and these companies are fighting back!