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Adwind – Cross Platform Malware Returns

Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming dramatically more adept, innovative, and stealthy with each passing day. Cybercriminals have shifted from traditional methods to more clandestine techniques that come with limitless attack vectors, low detection rates, and support for cross platforms. Cyber Security researchers have found that the infamous Adwind, a popular cross-platform remote access trojan […]

Your Home Router is not Safe!

I have been talking with clients for years on this.  Home routers or even routers you get from your internet providers are not safe.  The reasoning is this, the CIA hacks your router so it can ease drop on your digital conversations.  Most people say that they do not have anything  to hide, but that […]

62 Minnesota Chipotles hit by Malware

A little over a month ago, Chipotle was hit by a malware attack that stretched across all stores in the United States. They have just released more information on the attack. In a long release statement, Chipotle says an investigation showed that malware designed to credit card data was used on over 2,249 restaurants across […]

Cybersecurity extremely lax at Mar-a-lago

Propublica and Gizmodo reported that based on their most recent investigation the private club President Trump owns has extremely lax cybersecurity. He calls it the southern white house. Trump has used the resort to meet with staff and foreign heads of state on official buisness. In February, Trump took a call about a ballistic missile launch […]

Big business fights back !

Big Businesses are fighting for your privacy!   Google is currently waging a quiet war against the United States Government. The FBI is tasking out warrants demanding that Google hands over information from Gmail data that is stored overseas. And google stores customer accounts in servers around the globe, so this is a fight that […]

Watch out for Ransomware!

WannaCry 2.0 is a new form of ransomware that is affecting Windows computers around the world. Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts all your data on your PC, and the only way to unlock it is to completely erase your hard drive or pay a ransom to the hacker. If you have a […]