Lawsuit Against Apple for Modem Technology Leaks

Apple, one of the largest technology corporations is in a lawsuit filed by Qualcomm for the stealing of modem technology. 

Over the past few years Apple’s relationship has been growing sour with Qualcomm because of the technology that is used involving modem technology. Qualcomm is claiming that Apple had stolen the details of their modem technology and given it to Intel to improve Intel’s capabilities and rely less on Qualcomm. This type of action by Apple may seem relatively new to some, but this claim has been spreading for the past two years and isn’t the first time such a large technology corporation has been in this situation. 

Qualcomm has stated that Apple has been stealing its wireless technology for several years, in an attempt to rid themselves of Qualcomm services and bolster their profit margins. Qualcomm also states that Apple has given the wireless technology code to Intel in order to beef their services up, claiming that Intel has often been known to have slower speeds. Back when the battle began, Apple had claimed that Qualcomm has been abusing it’s position as the dominant smartphone modem suppliers and used that position to demand unreasonable fees from Apple. However now as the battle unfolds Qualcomm is claiming that they have good evidence, showing the interaction between Apple and Intel sharing the source code from Qualcomm’s wireless technology along with some other tools. 

Qualcomm stated during the investigation that Apple had developed and enacted an intricate plan that stole vast amounts of Qualcomm’s confidential and sensitive information.  In a unique presentation of information in the case, it came to light that Intel engineers had actually complained to Apple about the difficulties accessing secret Qualcomm files, and as a response, Apple had created new viewable files for Intel while using Qualcomm tools.

Apple had attempted to defend themselves saying that they struck a deal with Qualcomm back in 2009 which involved the trading of Qualcomm secret codes so that it could be more deeply integrated into the Apple products. Qualcomm said that while that was true, the other part of the deal was that Apple had to be using Qualcomm chips in their phones and products, and was prevented from third party access and must share a robust security like that of Apple’s own coding. 

Often we hear news about customer information becoming the source of stolen information, however now it seems that the most recurring technological news is the stealing of property from one company to another. Despite the technological advancements developed in time, it seems there is still many underhanded and guised tactics at play. It seems like this battle may be waged for many years to come at this rate. What do you think about our prominent technology companies and their questionable ethics? 

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