API v2 is here! So what is the difference?

API or also known as Application program interface, is a set of routines and protocols as well as tools that allow for the building of software applications. The API specifies how software components should interact with each other. API’s are often used when programming graphical user interface components among other things.

so what is API V2? API V2 allows you to send a token id to perform operations on the user, which the token id refers.

V2 includes:

  • User_metadata for trivial data of users.
  • app_metadata for data that affects how your application functions.
  • Unlike V1, V2 the aforementioned fields are not merged into the root user object.
  • fewer endpoints on existing features make development easier.
  • All end points work with ids. Strings are no longer used.
  • Improved input validation and error messages.
  • GET requests to query information: applications, servers, metric data.
  • PUT requests to set configuration options.
  • DELETE requests to remove non-reporting servers and application instances.

V2 brings new possibilities to interactions involved with software and users.  The GET, PUT, and DELETE requests allow for easier manipulation and alteration, ultimately saving time and frustration.