A little over a month ago, Chipotle was hit by a malware attack that stretched across all stores in the United States. They have just released more information on the attack.

In a long release statement, Chipotle says an investigation showed that malware designed to credit card data was used on over 2,249 restaurants across the country between March 24th and April 18th. Since then the malware has been removed, but if you visited the restaurant within this time frame , you may want to pay close attention to your statements.

Sixty-two different locations in Minnesota were hit by the security breach, including several locations in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Using a tool from Chipotles website, customers can search for their local chipotle, which provides a list of the specific time when the malware was used. They also have a list of steps customers can take to make sure they are protected. You can find that here. https://chipotle.com/security

Just another reason why we all need to be cautious with our data. and you have a business that takes in a lot of customer data, you should be even more concerned.

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