Apple Made a Rotten Deal?

Lawsuit Against Apple for Modem Technology Leaks Apple, one of the largest technology corporations is in a lawsuit filed by Qualcomm for the stealing of modem technology. Over the past few years Apple’s relationship has been growing sour with Qualcomm because of the technology that is used involving modem technology. Qualcomm is claiming that Apple

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Windows 10 October Update

Windows 10 Update for October is Losing Some Functions Recently Omnisence wrote an article about the upcoming Windows 10 update that had some questionable features, now we are seeing some changes for the October update that remove some functionality. To see the Omnisence article, click here. October holds Window 10’s  newest update which is bound

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Google Updates Photos to 4.0

Google Is Rolling out an Update For Photos! Google’s I/O festival ran with a full tank and brought about some news of updates and possible improvements for some of Google’s popular products and services! For those not familiar with the I/O festival, it is a developer festival that is held in May each year. The

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