Def Con Has Begun, Children Break Election Sites

Children At A Hacking Convention Show How Easy It Is To Alter Election Results As the hacking convention Def Con was revving up for the competitions, the news was a buzz about the coming elections and the potential threat of outside parties hacking the results and altering the outcome. This is nothing new lately ever

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Four Major Keys to a Strong Password

Four Keys to Creating a Non-Hackable Password Creating passwords has never been an easy task. Deciding what word(s) or phrase to use is an eternal struggle, and then adding special characters like capitalization, punctuation or numbers to that is just a disaster for remembering the password. Generally we hear stories about people who used simple

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Sextortion Scams Fueled by Passwords

Some online hackers have scored a large sum of cash after scamming victims with their passwords We all do it. We open our email and see a message from someone or something familiar, however it seems out of nowhere and the topic line does not make a whole lot of sense. We want to open

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