Sprint Merging With T-Mobile

The Rumors Are True For a while now, many people including myself thought that Sprint and T-Mobile were so similar that they were the same company. Without ever taking the time to actually examine this, we now don’t have to because its about to be the truth. Sunday April 29th, it was made official that

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The Infinite Scroll

Void Filled Screen Distractions are a drag, but sometimes, they are a scroll. We have screens in almost every location we look, to provide us with information of some sort, be it advertisements or current event updates. Because of this, we as a society have become strongly attune to screens and involved with the information

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Blockchain and it’s future

Blockchain, as Big as the Internet Our society and its economy is run by many factors, so many it would be near impossible to keep track of them all mentally. However in all the various ways our economy works, the main factor is money. Always, money is the drive and in constant need, constant demand.

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